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Shride Ventures is an advisory firm that specializes in assisting technology startups in the cloud-based accounting space. The firm was founded by Kurt Rathmann, a serial entrepreneur, who was educated as an accountant, worked as an auditor at KPMG, and in 2014, founded ScaleFactor, a VC-backed, cloud-based accounting startup. Today, Rathmann advises and invests in startups, helping them navigate their strategic direction and the funding landscape. Read More >

Debt or Equity Financing: The Quandary

Debt or Equity Financing: The Quandary

Debt and equity are both tools that the entrepreneur has at his or her disposal when it comes to growing the business. But that is where the similarity ends. For example, where debt works best for one kind of company, equity works better for the other. Understanding...

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What We Look For


You possess passion. Either you believe in your business and are ready to do whatever it takes to be successful, or not. Entrepreneurial passion, with the proper financial and intellectual support, often proves to be the key to success. Thus, your passion about your business is one of the first things we look for in an entrepreneur before we make an investment. 


You respect the value of company culture. Maybe you are the only employee. Maybe you have dozens of employees. Regardless, we are looking to invest in entrepreneurs who respect and understand the value of corporate culture and are committed to creating one that empowers employees. We have lots of experience in this area and will support you in this endeavor. 


We’re not looking to invest in yesterday’s ideas. Shride Ventures invests in companies that can either introduce a substantially better business model or offer a unique solution to an existing problem. Especially attractive to us are entrepreneurs with deep expertise in a subject matter area, as that gives them and their business a unique advantage.