Funding Your Company

Shride Ventures helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams. We accomplish this by not only investing capital, but also by providing know-how accumulated through decades of experience as entrepreneurs. Combine that with our history of supporting fresh, game-changing ideas and our domain expertise in working with the investment community, and it is easy to see why we could be the right partner for you.


You possess passion. Either you believe in your business and are ready to do whatever it takes to be successful, or not. Entrepreneurial passion, with the proper financial and intellectual support, often proves to be the key to success. Thus, your passion about your business is one of the first things we look for in an entrepreneur before we make an investment.


You respect the value of company culture. Maybe you are the only employee. Maybe you have dozens of employees. Regardless, we are looking to invest in entrepreneurs who respect and understand the value of corporate culture and are committed to creating one that empowers employees. We have lots of experience in this area and will support you in this endeavor.


We’re not looking to invest in yesterday’s ideas. Shride Ventures invests in companies that can either introduce a substantially better business model or offer a unique solution to an existing problem. Especially attractive to us are entrepreneurs with deep expertise in a subject matter area, as that gives them and their business a unique advantage.

If you check most or all of these boxes, reach out to us. Then let’s make magic together!