About Shride Ventures

Founder and Managing Partner: Kurt Rathmann

Kurt Rathmann is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He has a proven track record when it comes to scaling small businesses, fueled by a passion for creating and maintaining a work environment and culture which leads to a successful outcome.

Rathmann got his start as an entrepreneur as a high school student in Houston in 2002. His company, Fog-iT (later renamed Distinctive Illuminations), provided custom lighting for entertainment venues and high-end homes. Rathmann successfully operated his business for several years while attending college at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), before he ultimately decided to focus his energy on securing a Master’s Degree in Accounting at the prestigious Red McCombs School of Business at UT.

After graduation, Rathmann moved west to Denver, joining KPMG as a Senior Audit Professional (2009-2012). He then took that experience to the private sector where he gained invaluable experience as the CFO of Denver-based KNS Communications (2012 to 2014).

In 2014, Rathmann made his vision for starting a technology company, which would provide a cloud-based accounting platform to small businesses, a reality. He started ScaleFactor, which rapidly attracted investment and grew to a team of more than 200 employees, as well as tens of thousands of customers. While the worldwide pandemic and other factors outside of Rathmann’s control led to the shuttering of ScaleFactor in the spring of 2020, his vision for using technology to transform the accounting function and cultivating a healthy and productive work environment in the small business sector remains vibrantly intact.

Rathmann is a proud member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (since 2015), gives his time and resources to Big Brothers Big Sisters, and lives gratefully with his wife and infant son in Austin, Texas.